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Bad WeatherLast week, driving to work in high traffic, cloudy and raining conditions, I said to myself, “This weather sucks.  It puts me in a bad mood.”  And, as I proceeded forward at a crawl, my mood worsened and I started to anticipate my busy schedule and most likely starting off my meetings late.

Then, it hit me, no not another vehicle, but enlightenment. How stupid is it to make a negative statement of being a victim of a weather induced bad day.  I used my right hand and pushed away that negative thought.  I did not want it to linger in my car or in my head!

It was a total shift!  I could feel the impact of personal control, of owning my feelings, my mood.   I am in control of my thoughts—positive or negative.  External negative elements do not have power over me.  

Imagine how my positive energy resonated that day as I stopped for my regular Starbucks one pump vanilla soy latte and smiled at the barista and told her to have an amazing day.   And, how she passed on that positive energy to the next person in line. It’s not about the weather; it’s about you—you controlling your own thoughts.

What type of day will you have today?

photo credit: Hail & Rain via photopin (license)