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Find daily happiness in your life’s purpose.

Think about your past year, or even your past week. What did you spend your time doing? Did you have to begrudgingly pull yourself out of bed to go to work? Or are you in action, engaged in your life’s purpose – where work feels like play?

I have spent a great deal of time reading, and better understanding the concept of purpose. And, I am still evolving my thoughts and my Purpose Model.

Meaningful Purpose Model

Find Meaningful Purpose using the Purpose Model

At the start of the model, you are beginning a project, a sport, or an activity that you enjoy. You may not be very serious about this activity, but you are engaged because you enjoy it – you “play”.

As you continue, you start “practicing” more. You work at it and you struggle, and you begin to see progress. You start to receive recognition from external sources and from yourself. This encourages you – it drives you to practice more.

You practice, and practice, until you “perfect”. You become the expert and are seen as one of the best at this activity—you experience the impact of your struggle. Now when you engage, this activity feels like play again, and, you may have found your life’s purpose.

The challenge is to have a meaningful purpose, for the outcome of your work to be something larger than you.

Your meaningful purpose is not a thing. It is a desire to find a state of flow—when work feels like play. It is a cyclical process, one in which we need to constantly be challenging our abilities and our way of thinking to keep reaching outside of our comfort zone. To play, to dabble, in something new and then over time, to practice, and become an expert and enjoy the fruits of our practice. Through this cycle, we achieve the happiness we desire in our ability to create and sustain inner joy in our lives.

Start your journey!

We all have different interests and abilities, so our idea of purpose and happiness differs from one person to the next. I’d love to hear from you—how are you applying and evolving this model as you pursue your meaningful purpose. Please share in the comments below!

Tammy Berberick is the President and CEO of Crestcom International, a worldwide leadership, sales, and management training business in over 60 countries. Find more practical leadership advice on the Crestcom Leadership blog.