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EI_Tree_Emotions_FinalWe hear a lot about emotional intelligence in our professional lives these days. So much that it has almost become a buzzword in modern business jargon. When we first began talking about what the topic for our next new leadership development training session should be, there was a little bit of a debate around whether or not we should touch emotional intelligence. Is emotional intelligence a fad? Has its time come and gone? Is it relevant across all cultures, ages, and genders?

I firmly believe that emotional intelligence is among the top timeless leadership skills that produce better results from ourselves, our management teams, and our employees. Successful managers around the world leverage this skill to engage and motivate teams while building strong working relationships and partnerships. As a leader of your organization, you need to be self-aware and able to self-manage your own emotions in a variety of situations. You also need the skills to assess and manage the reactions of your team.

I am exceedingly proud of our newest Bullet Proof® Manager leadership development module – Leadership Influence Through Emotional Intelligence. Emotional intelligence is a timeless skill that is key to a leader’s success. As more organizations restructure to a team-based, matrixed organizational structure, leaders must have strong social awareness and relationship management skills to influence decisions.